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After working together for a year, traveling over 20000km together in 12 countries as my right-hand man, I confidently pass on the button stick of Creative Director at Tigzozo Media to Answer Sofa.

When I was his age, some people gave me an opportunity to lead, learn, grow, and make decisions, likewise, I do give him this big opportunity to lead one of the finest media houses in Africa, Tigzozo Media.

I have been grooming him right on my side on almost every assignment, and the young man is already miles ahead of what I could ever Imagine, I shall let him fly above the sky and always wear shades 😎 because the future is too bright. I have too much confidence in him because, He has Caroline Magenga by his side, an army of progress, leadership, and creativity by herself, the King of all lenses Terrence Dan Phiri, and the force of creatives at Tigzozo Media.

Myself, I am still a devoted photographer and videographer of choice, always there to work, guide, and support. This year Im focusing more on the Executive roles of the organization, Business Development, Clientele Management, Partnership, Film Directing, mentoring, and grooming. This year we are also unleashing a well thought and well-calculated move to redefine the Commercial Advertising world in our country and beyond. Watch the space!

Congratulations Answer Sofa and wish you the best in your career.